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I’m Bonnie, a Midwest-raised food and travel publicist-turned eco-living advocate. After almost a decade in public relations, I finally made the decision to align my work with my values. I started Earth Regarded Travel to help others plan incredible trips, while making more ethical and environmentally responsible choices along the way.

I’m putting all the insider knowledge I’ve gained from my own travel experiences (see my most magical memories below!) and from years working in the world of travel, hospitality and wellness, along with the well-honed planning and organization skills of a publicist, to help others use travel to do good for themselves while doing good for the planet. 

Earth Regarded Travel is for people who want to fuel positive change in the world, but don't know where to begin. I seek to make it easier for people to find and support ethically-minded places, people and products, to form deeper connections to themselves, the planet, and loved ones, and to create unforgettable memories while traveling - memories made even more joyful by a guilt-free conscience. 

While ethical and sustainable travel is a growing trend, in many ways it can still feel like the wild west. Planning a trip is time-consuming and complicated. Planning a trip responsibly even more so. Let me be your trusted travel consultant, giving back precious time in your day by taking on the heavy lifting in planning your next trip. All I ask is that you have fun, learn something new and share what you experience with your own community. 

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Can’t wait to get planning with you!


Bonnie Earth Regarded

Some of my favorite travel memories: